Satisfying my Brothers

I was totally wet and I couldn’t take it anymore so I planned to seduce my brothers. I just rolled over and made my breasts touch Jason’s chest. I could see Jason’s cock growing before my eyes and finally he said “Can I fuck you sister? I blushed as I massaged by throbbing pussy and nodded yes. Immediately Jason sprung up into action and said,

Sex While I Was On A Business Trip

shirt draped. I glanced from my legs to his face and he was watching my reaction. I gave him a kind of nervous look that said neither yes nor no.   But he noticed that I did not push his hand away.   The room seemed to be spinning now as I heard some song by Meat Loaf playing in the background.   The only light in the room came from the muted

The Inquiry

throat, when Kevin’s balls slapped her clit.  Helen continued to rock back and forth, controlling the tempo and speed of the two cocks fucking her from either end.  When she felt Bill’s cock grow harder in her mouth, she knew he was seconds from exploding and she quickly moved her head, slipping his throbbing cock from her mouth even as she eased

Home alone with Alyssa, part 7

Martha. Martha’s standing beside pastor Carlson’s wife Olivia, a women who looks quite a bit like her daughter Kimberly Mary of course is standing close to Kimberly; who unbeknown to her parents is Mary’s secret lesbian lover. There’s a long line of parishioners arriving this morning, all due to pastor Carlson’s orders to attend church and pray

Wife Gets Banged By Union Ironworker

hair and stomach was matted by cum and pussy juice. Boy, they must have really went at it and recently too. They made a nice couple lying there. Like they were married for years. Annie looked very content and satisfied. I was starting to feel jealous. I quietly went to the bathroom and when I returned I saw that Nick was stirring a bit. I sat

The Messages Concluded

again, knowing what happened last time? She wasn’t sure and that caused the butterflies in her stomach to stir. She didn’t like the way things had ended with Bradley. She may’ve been stupid enough to cheat on him, but she wasn’t so dumb to think that she could handle the guilt of not coming clean. It had not been as easy to confess as she had

Man of My Dreams Ch. 01

it was not that she was not pretty. That was not the reason. Having eyes described as deep a green as grass after a long period of rain, and hair the colour of chocolate, she had been many times the object of desire by her class colleagues, and there had been many occasions when she would catch one of them gawking at her. Yet out of all the men

Kingsbury Chronicles: New York, New York

school's idea of what a Christian should be, so I didn't nark on his heavy metal music and he didn't nark on my uber-violent video gaming habits. Life was great.Linus gives up and conks out at around one, one-thirty AM, but I wasn't paying attention to the time. I was deep into some raid... shit I don't really remember which one it was it's been

The First Time...Part 1

paused and then went on. “I dreamt that you fucked another guy when you were away at the teacher’s conference and then came home and told me all about it. I woke up with an aching hard on, just like the one I’m having now.”Jack was as hard as a rock and I could feel the heat of his cock as he pushed it more firmly against my ass.“Were you jealous

Codex 01: Eye of the Abyss

To celebrate the victory, the Prince ordered a feast with the goat being the main course. Tragedy struck when Prince Xander began to choke while eating a soup made from the belly of the fel beast. All attempts to save him failed, and when he passed from this realm a black onyx stone was found lodged in his throat. After Xander’s death, his son

ashleys humiliation

Now, a spanking for our sorority is not what people might consider a basic spanking, instead, the girl would bend over at the waist, while the s****rs would all line up. Then they would each get a turn to spank each of her bare butt checks, and after each girl had spanked her, the girl would have to ask ‘Please s****r, can I have another?’.

Scribe and Star

have anything to offer anyone.” Stargazer frowned, rubbing his cheek. “You're leading us, you're smart, beautiful…” he trailed off noticing tears in her eyes. “Scribe?” Stargazer wrapped his arms around her, allowing her to nuzzle against his chest. “I know…” he whispered, kissing the top of her head. She tilted her head up to look him in the

Life iwth Aunt Jess Part 3 (Edited)

and groaned as I sucked more. Jess moved in under my ass and stroked my balls and taint. She circled her index finger around my sphincter, sending new thrills through me. "Oh, you like that, eh?" she mused. I nodded as much as I could. She, then lowered her mouth to my asshole and flicked her tongue over the super sensitive virgin flesh. My

A Shemale Fantasy and my wife (Part 4)

This was just like I imagined. Carol looked at me and said "say it baby, tell me you want to see her cock" I responded, please let me see her cock. Carol put her hand down Angels panties and pulled her cock out. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Very smooth, nice size and very attractive. If I had to guess I would say it was about 6


I smile as I realize who it is and go back to washing. He pulls me back against him pressing his hard cock against my ass.He starts kissing the side of my neck gently, holding me tight against him. I move my hips back and forth slowly, allowing his cock to slide back and forth across my ass. His embrace on me lightens, his hands move to my sides,

William and Ann Ch. 8

semen. She was quickly becoming quite a cum slut. For a girl her age to be so addicted to sex and sperm was unheard of at her school. Would she be thought of as “Little Oral Annie”? William moved her hair out of her face as the movie showed the daughter sliding into bed with her dad. Will wanted to make sure Ann saw this scene. He thought


my cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Her snake like tongue wrapped itself around my stalk and the split end masturbating the now hugely swollen mushroom head of my glans. I watched in pleasure as Cecilia took the whole of my long thick penis down her throat without choking. While Cecilia sucked and teased me with her tongue I felt my

How small is that?

my office.   Looking through the internet history I saw that she had pretty much gone through most of the sites I frequented.   Clicking on some of the pages she had been on, I saw that she had concentrated on the guys, and if I had to judge, guys with extra large penises.   I was horrified, no wonder she had been distant.   I was truly

Cat fight 2 (Return to Home)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -Bill was pacing outside the city, where was that star cruiser? They had ample time to reach thisprimitive dust ball of earth. Looking over at his two guards who would soon be his

First time for everything

of anal sex. He was reluctant at best. It all started from one incredible night. He went down on me and was eating me up. I still cannot believe how skilled his tongue is. While sucking my clit, he started fingering me (still pretty vanilla). The more and more he sucked and fingered me, the more I squirmed under his touch. My movements caused his

Rose's video: Chapter 6: Kate Needs To Talk

gets her beauty from your side of the family," Maria commended me, nonchalantly bringing her hands over to my back."Wait," I objected, grabbing her arms. "What about your mom?""Don't worry yourself," Lil mentioned before kissing me. "My daughter is a handful, so you prepare yourself for a bumpy ride."I peeked back at Maria and then she unclasped

An Exciting Truth Or Dare in the Aeroplane

know what came to her mind, she wanted to play truth or dare. I resisted but then ended up agreeing. It started with easy and silly Questions and then some serious Questions. I don’t know, was it the beer or the night time, but I was really getting horny then. And it was my turn and the game was getting intense. I

Davids landlady. Part 3.

she turned the set off and turned to David.’So tell me David all about how your Mother and sister used to spank you. Start with your mother’. ‘Mummy has always spanked me. When I was young she would spank me over her knee with her hand, she would always do this with me naked and as a young boy she spanked hard. When I got older, about 12 or 13,

God is a Slut Chapter 4: The Gang Rape Movie

he’d crack my tailbone. I fucking loved it. Jake grabbed the clamps on my tits and stretched my breasts to agonizing levels as he drove wildly into my ruined cunt. I clenched around him in ardent pleasure and grinded my hips forward in appreciation. The climaxing sensation rose wildly from my nethers. The depth of my penetration was unlike I had

Dream girl

similar shade of red. Of course, her smile and lightly shaded cheeks were for another reason. She had just seen something she had never seen before, but the fact it was her own brothers manhood made her a bit sickened by her thoughts about it. She had never done anything with a man, but she had thought about it plenty of times. Since that night

Chapter Two: Country Club Wedding

a group of men and I went over and sat down with Dan. We talked for a bit then got up and danced. The feeling of having my arms around him brought back a lot of feelings now being fueled even more by the wine and pot. Since we could be seen I didn't want to overdo it but I was holding him as close as I could without attracting the wrong kind

Taking of Valerie Tan

was thirsty more than hungry, mostly from all the useless screaming, especially when she had reawakened to find herself jammed up in a tiny space, curled and fetal, bound and hooded. Those first few minutes of dreadful realisation was musical to the delivery man. He had of course recorded her first muffled screams, the deep and long weeping

Vixen (4)

flesh of her ass. Vixen welcomed the groping and slid her hands behind the dancer’s neck to pull their mouths together in a hot kiss. As the women furrowed deeper into the heavy passion of their kiss, Gedeon began to stir in his black Armani suit. He groped his manhood from the outside of his pants and mumbled foreign phrases to himself. “Touch

The Dorm

how our friendship started. Within a month we were the best of friends and told each other every secret. We shared our relationship woes with the guys on campus and bought each other ice cream when a guy broke our heart… although I always seemed to be buying more ice cream for Jen. As a straight girl I didn’t realize that what I thought was


pushed my underwear and jeans down and pressed my bottocks. He turned me around and removed my shirt and jeans. I was shaking with fear. This is the first time I am having sex with a tall fat man having 8 inch cock. He assured me he wont hurt me. He knelt down infront of me and asked me to piss and I pissed a little .The moment I finished

ltttle girl slut

tell her no she would just say Your my daddy and I have to take care of you. She refused to were any cloths in the house saying little grils have to be naked at all times to make their daddy horny, on that I couldn't dissagree.That night our first living togther, Sissy said I haven't been honist with you Daddy I asked her what she ment she looked

Jessica Part 10 Showing Tim

missing.” I looked at Jess, and she looked about ready to cry. “What’s wrong?”“Besides the fact that she misses Tim?” Judi growled. “Dummy.”Jess laughed at that. “Actually, I’m missing having both my cocks.” She smiled. She kissed Judi, then stroked my cock. “One is nice, but I really like being full with two.”“All the more reason to

Wife and Her Sexual Exploits (Part IIII)

hit me like nothing had ever hit me before.""Bobby began to fuck me faster. I was beside myself with excitement. Then, I heard Ernie say, "Grab her arms and spread her out. Two guys grabbed my arms and pulled them up and out. I also was aware of the two guys stretching me open with my legs and then I heard Ernie say, "Are you ready for Bobby to

House Maid PT2

but it did to her, for now. “Hiiiii” she said once she opened the door and as soon as she did, she hugged him. She was thrilled he was there. It never mattered how he felt or what he was thinking. She was thrilled he came over. “I love you Chad Dempsey. Have I ever told you that before?” she told him with a huge smile canvassing her lips. “I love

Seven Days of Lust Part 7

the flesh there until she came to rest right above his bum. She leaned down and bit softly on each cheek before sliding her tongue between his ass cheeks. He gave a little, startled jump but came to relax just as quickly again. Suddenly her hands slipped down between his legs and she rolled his balls between her oiled fingers as she slid her wet

A surprise for Tony...

Once the movie started, I got nervous about my plan, but he put his arm around me and gently kissed my neck. I got all tingly between my legs and knew I wanted to do this. I adjusted myself to face him slightly and snuggled into his side, putting my far left leg over his left. He put his right hand on my thigh and squeezed gently. I moaned lowly

Her first group sex - Part 2

We continued to clean ourselves up, or rather the other woman started to lick my face and my tits clean. We even started to make out again, grabbing each others tits and sucking.“You are just two cum hungry whores aren’t you?” he said grabbing our hair and pulling us apart. He kissed me roughly and then her. “Well, let me see you eat each other

My first Experience With An Older Man

take long to agree and we started to walk to his place. While we were walking, he told me how much he loved the feel and taste of my cock and he wanted more. I assured him there was plenty more of the same and when we got up to his place, we proceeded directly into his bedroom. I remember the great view outside his window and then he asked me if

New job, new start; not for fiona 2

in a side to side action; Fiona looked down as the wand passed over the open gape of her blouse then down and across her visible nipples. Gerald kept a steady hand as he slowly moved past her nipples within centimetres of her sensitive knobs once passed her chest he seemed to speed up the process and soon she was free to leave. The whole episode

Mutual Attraction - Part 2

at her face. Making eye contact, she lifted her bottom without speaking, and let me pull them down, then I slid them along her long, beautiful legs and took them off her entirely. I looked at her pussy, and I saw it had regained its composure after the hard sex it had experienced in the afternoon. It was now pink and pretty again, the inner lips

Humiliation At Home

you naughty old ladies are to be disciplined naked. Therefore, please get undressed.“Dale and Mary were, of course, used to getting undressed to be spanked by the committee members. They were also not too concerned that the teenage girls watching were sixteen-years-old years rather than eighteen-years-old. After all, they had both found Abigail

Sexy Stewardess on a Hot Flight: Part Two

had mentioned me being his sex slave and now I realized Dick was getting me primed for it, seeing if I was slut enough to take it. Being a slut for three handsome men was the best offer I ever got, in fact, except for one time when I was gang banged by five men at the gym I belonged to. But three was fine with me. "Okay, bitch, now you're going

your dirty little whore

to play with me you do it so well.We sleep for a while and I dream of things too twisted for the Lush story site. When I wake up you’re looking at me, you have a smile, one that makes me ask “What?”“Nothing” you say stroking a strand of hair away from my eye.“Was I snoring? Dribbling? I ask but really I don’t want to know.You kiss me and now it


the THRUMM THRUMM THRUMM THRUMM and she felt so good all over because the person whose car it was was so good to her to let her feel this way and now her eyes were all the way closed and all she had to do was listen to the tone as it went up and down and she went up and down and it THRUMMED AND THRUMMED AND THRUMMMMM…….. * * * * * The door

Sucking Cock for Carla

fast and his next spurt covered my face and lips. He pushed it back into my mouth and I took the last 4 or 5 spurts and swallowed it to avoid choking. I was in ecstasy as I cleaned up his cock, squeezing it to get the last few drops of his cum. It was then I remembered Carla and looked up to see her pointing her phone at me again. “Look at you

Saving Leslie Pt. 06

‘It was a nice dress! Anyway, a friend of my brother came home. I think Charles had a crush on me. He heard about my week and arranged everything. He swept me off my feet, a room at the Hilton in the city. It was romantic, it was special.’ Gen looked off into the distance as she reminisced. ‘What then?’ ‘You want more?’ Leslie and Shawnie both

A Perfect Fit

surrounded by the sound soft, romantic music. I remove my clothes as I walk through the house. I go to the kitchen first to pour a glass of wine. I take it with me as I continue on to the bathroom to run some bath water. I am naked by the time I enter my bedroom and look into my closet to decide what to wear to the party I’m going to tonight. I

Adrenaline Rush

play. It took a little more time to figure out how to package endorphins, which produce the high you get from running. I’m still currently working on how to package Insulin, which treats Diabetes. I figure that will give me enough money to retire. I also figured out a way to predictably release certain amounts of the hormone. I developed an

rich boys love 18

followed her moves we returned to are meal when the main course arrived i said to julieta "present time because im dying to give you your present" i walked out the dining area and returned with a big white chanel box with a black ribbern around it she opened it to find a chanel black business suit i said every woman need a suit for there

He Loves Her Ch. 01

to her breasts he avoided the areola and nipple altogether. His kisses didn’t stop there, they continued down until he kissed the area right above her well trimmed hair. Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath through his nose, smelling her scent and letting it fill his senses. He could tell by smell alone she was aroused, a grin forming on

The Summer Intern

welts across the mid-line of her backside.When she had regained her composure, I laid yet another blow, this time lower, along the curve just above her thighs; her “sit-spot”.CRACK!“Three! Shit! Shit! Shit!”CRACK! The fourth, as hard as the first three, landed square between the top two and the bottom one.“Four! Fuck that hurts!” The bottom half

Soccer Mom Slave - Chapter2

were closed and she breathed deeply through her open mouth. She was approaching orgasm when he abruptly stopped and withdrew the ball gag from her cunt. Brenda sighed deeply in disappointment. When she opened her eyes, Master was holding the soaking ball gag in front of her face. "Open," he said. Brenda opened her mouth and he slipped the

Former Playboy Playmates Part 1: Stephanie's Move

the girls, after she had changed into a gimmicky, red sequined bikini. She was the oldest woman there, noticing many of the girls were in their 20s or maybe younger. It didn’t bother her that much as they were all very friendly. Probably because they knew it was her first time and it was a one-night only thing. She wondered if Fat Rob brought

Friday Night – Surely its my turn now?

before first grade but we had only met Tia a couple of hours ago. Since then Lennie and Tia had thoroughly enjoyed each other’s bodies while I had watched on. I guess we should be called ‘friends’ after our night’s experiences. I’m musing over whether the fun and games are over for the night. I hadn’t actually been counting, but I figure Lennie

Class Act

by her shaved white pussy was unbelievable. She fucked me real good. When we were done we dressed and sat down and had a drink. She told me she had always wanted to fuck me and that I was her first black cock. I asked about her husband and she told me she had three other men and two women besides her husband she fucks on a regular basis and he


pink bra. She started to tease my nipples, rolling them between her fingers while kissing my neck. Trailing down my neck I started to moan softly as she worked her way to the nipple, licking around it and taking it in her mouth and sucking on it, one after the other. I let out a few more soft moans and then she backed away looking at my crotch

A painter’s apprentice (chapter 1-6)

I even had ambitions of working for the pope alongside the great masters… But it’s like Mesalina said… I’m no Botticelli but I’m good enough for Vitellino’s cathedral.” Still in a panic that Lorenzo would force her out the door she blurted out, “Mesalina doesn’t understand your greatness! She wouldn’t know great art if it offered her wine!” She

Death’s Twin Brother

of Malice. He’s from ancient Scandinavia. He died during the war of the gods and Primordials but Lucifer resurrected him and gave him a job as his Chief of Security. I strongly felt like telling Lucifer he should fire Loki, since I knew from experience the bastard couldn’t be trusted but hey, who am I to rain on the Devil’s parade? Apparently,

Exposing Cindy – Ch. 3 – educating our youth

– Educating our youth Chapter 3: Shy Stephen suddenly feels pretty boldI showered, savoring the warmth of the pulsing jet as I rinsed Stephen’s semen from my face, hair, shoulders and legs. I reflected on the morning. Things had certainly gone much, much further than I had intended. In a matter of moments, I went from some harmless teasing to a

Love Like This

glasses together and drank their champagne. Petra and Vincent soaked in the tub for almost an hour and then they began to kiss each other slowly. When the kissing began they decided to take the kissing to the bedroom. They wrapped themselves in towels and slowly dried each other off using their hands and their lips and their tongues. Petra

My Scottish Love…

to meet him.The reason we were engaged in such a long conversation is because Id found out a couple of hours earlier that my boyfriend had slept with my ‘best friend’ the day before, also happened to be the 1st time he told me he loved me, the lying scum. The man I was talking to on the phone, John, was the partner of my supposed best friend.

You Only Love Once

a relationship, whether it be a friendly adult-child or staff member-student one, is key in a school environment. Everyone has a story that makes up their life. While Ace is driving the bus, it seems to get brushed past and hidden under the wheel. I decided to give it a shot one morning. Luckily for me, Ace accepted my plea for conversation as a

The Bridegrooms sister

carriages had trotted for centuries, the finest example of pre-Victorian country mansions came in to full view. What a place for a wedding.The spectacular venue made it even more surprising that I was invited since catering for each guest must have come at some considerable expense and I had only known the happy couple when we were much younger.

The House A Slave Training and Auction Chapter 7 & 8 Revised

like this when I touch myself. This girl really knows what she is doing. Daisy- oh god she tastes, so good I wonder why I can’t put my finger in her oh she is a virgin. My pussy is throbbing and leaking I want to cum so bad maybe if he spanks me I will cum so I reach down and just as I reach my clit I feel a slap on my ass. Hands off Master says


to fall asleep, and then an hour later I awoke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I fitfully tossed, tearing up the bed, until the bed became intolerable. I got up and went into the living room with no plan or thought of why or what I was going to do. Diego was asleep on his stomach, one arm by his side, the other crooked above his head. His right

An encounter with a mature woman

we kissed passionately and I had my hands down the back of her knickers and I guided my hand underneath, I could feel the bristle of her pubic hair in my fingers and then the wetness of her pussy. She moaned as my fingers entered her, she was holding my cock, and rubbing my helmet with her finger, it felt so good. I slowly took off her knickers,

Why is Everyone Basically Horny?

and stomps off to her kids rooms. The kids are asleep, or pretending to be. Lately, they have heard their parents fighting a lot, and translate it into patterns of behavior. Aruna, her six year old, acts older than she is. More quiet. More studious. Aditi finds her reading books instead of playing dolls, or tying to teach Ayan to speak. She’s

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Suite Weekend (Part one)

began to read it out loud."Hey boys hope you had a great day at school today. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there but Mr. Moseby said he needed a last minute singer for on the S.S. Tipton this weekend. So you guys will be home alone all weekend. Feel free to finish the leftovers in the fridge or order room service. Also feel free to order a

My new persona. Becoming a girl!

my neighbors. I followed her to her room and she locked the door behind us."Right", she said. "If your going to dress like a girl we're going to have to call you by a girls name. How about... Miri? Yes that will do nicely I think." I nodded sheepishly and started to blush. "And you can call me... Madam Tara. OK, now strip for me Miri."Her tone of

Butterfly Beach III :storm Clouds Over Eden (An Interlude).

them earlier.Above them, another conversation was taking place in silence, gestures and the touch of clawed fingers against forearms replacing words. Hidden from discovery amongst the storm blown flora, a pair of greenish-yellow orbs blinked slowly, drinking in the strange beings below. Silently they rose as the female of the tribe-less creatures

The Twelve Tables Ch. 02

either,’ Peri said as she walked out the door. Eating the apple on her way, Peri pulled into the underground parking of the publishing house with minutes to spare. Hurrying into the lift with several co-workers she kept glancing at her watch. A girl jostled closer within the lift and whispered to Peri, ‘Wow, you look good today, have you lost

Mia – Chapter 5: The Sleepover (Part II)

the electrical outlets were switched off around the apartment. He was also giving Mia plenty of time to get ready for bed. He knocked his bedroom door and waited for her to give him the okay to enter.  ‘Holy shit she’s just made that t-shirt the sexiest thing I own!’  Jesse endeavored to contain his excitement as he watched Mia, who was now only

Mr Marco Johnson

not, but it felt great. He kissed and licked at my butthole, snaking his tongue deep into my anus. I felt him pull away and then felt the tip of his cock push up against my ass. I pushed back against it and felt it pop past my sphincter. He held my hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way deep into my ass. Slowly, with long, deep

Lost Virginity:Part 2

We are going to eat you up!" She stood up and walked by me, dipping her finger into her wetness and wiping it on my nose. Candi followed, also giving me a sample which I sucked from her fingers. I stood, shucked my clothes and followed them into the bedroom.The room was huge, dominated by a California King-size four poster bed. Mirrors on all

Stolen Ch. 01

her bra and her shirt. Quickly she grabbed them and turned her back to him while she put her clothes back on. After she was done, she saw Nick was dressed as well. Unfortunately his shirt was ruined. ‘Did I do that?’ She wondered, smiling to herself. Nick was gorgeous and hot and she just had sex with him. Wow!! What a difference a name made?? As

An African Experience

grabbed the white girl under the arms and jolted her to her feet before tugging her panties down her shapely thighs and past her feet, tossing them to one side. The poor girl was delirious standing there completely naked, gasping and blinking rapidly, trying to regain her equilibrium.Dripping in sweat, her swollen breasts shivered as sticky white

Dribble, Shoot, and Run-101 Baskets

she ignored her weight issue by not wanting to know what she weighed. Easy to do when alone in the winter, she’d rather continue believing that she didn’t have a weight problem, that she weighed the same, and that she didn’t weigh as much as the nurse said she weighed at the doctor’s office. When seemingly she was always emotionally hungry,

The story of Peaches and Sweetpea Part 4

took his hand and kissed it."Regardless what people say, I swear to love you unconditionally, keep you happy, stand by you through thick & thin, and protect you always."Those blue diamonds sparkled with tears as Peaches smiled."Baby you just exchanged wedding vows with me."I smiled back "So we got married just now."Peaches wiped his tears and

My rape fantasy

ass. I was too overwhelmed by the impending orgasm that was building up inside me that I had forgotten to answer him. He gripped my hair and pulled on it roughly. "say it slut!""Cum in my ass, oh please cum in my ass" was all I could manage to say before the orgasm completley enveloped my body, my body quivered and shook as the orgasm reached

Apologise 2: Brother apologises too

down at me. My mouth was wide open but no noise able to come out. "Kiss me" I gasped.He leaned forward and our lips met. The lips that had just explored each others most intimate parts were now joined again. As we kissed i felt my brothers cock push against my pussy lips. I jumped. "Sorry!" said Jason. "Are you still tender?" I smiled. "Not so

College Nights

my mind: How is my hair? Am I wearing the right dress? I had never had particularly high self-esteem, though Chris told me I was beautiful every day.Chris. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes. Even the sound of his name sent butterflies through my stomach. My boyfriend since my sophomore year in high school, Chris and I shared the

CAHILL--Part 5 of 6

her forcefully enough to drive her crazy with lust. She began to squirm uncontrollably as she gradually lost control of her movements, her cunt rather than her brain running her body. I was mid-thrust when she came hard in what I hoped would only be her first time. Fortunately, my strength and weight held her in place until she was able to

Arctic Fox: Stray Wolf Part 1

gets all messy… AND I can’t erase it. I drove home, arriving at my small suburban house. I climbed up on the orange roof to look at all the other little suburban houses that stretched for so far and watched the sunset as I wrote. My letter was very long, and I introduced myself. I talked a lot about what I liked and what my interests were, and

The MILF chronicles: Tiffany

gave her a wink and a grin. Surprisingly she obliged! After, I cleaned the mess and found the game her son was looking for, I walked to the counter and checked her out. She left me her name "Tiffany" and her number. "My sons with his father this weekend, tomorrow at 7 would be perfect for me, what about you?" she said.I responded "Perfect". My

The Factory Floor

than that of any other woman? Or is it the fact that she does not want me inside her, yet here I am nonetheless. That if she could she would freeze her body and deny me any single ounce of pleasure from her cunt, but I am relishing it despite her wishes. Is it that she is mine and will be mine to use as I please? Perhaps it is all of these

sexy mom's taste part 1

hoursearlier for reasons that don’t reallymatter. I walked normally to my roomand I heard the shower in thebathroom running. The door waswide open. My mother thought that she would be alone for at least 2hours more since she didn’t expectme. My father would come home after8pm every day but Sundays. I wasn’t going to see much behind theshower

First Story

want him to stop, he keeps going, letting out the occasional “fuck” and a few growls. Even though it hurts slightly, it’s still the best sex you’ve ever had. He leans in close, your chests are touching, he’s thrusting a lot slower but your heart is pounding fast as ever. His leans over and puts his mouth close to your ear, his breath gives you

When integration rhymes with penetration ...

even herself. She did not masturbate. Mohamed exclaimed:- Fuck it ! Little slut! She is virgin ! But that's not true ! What are we going to do ?!Mohamed straightened up, and noisyly slapped his daughter. Fatima took her face in her hands, as to protect herself. She had tightened her legs, and she was crying more and more.- But what do you want,

Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake 9-12

and walked to the rear of the boat to get the towel Kenny offered to her. From Kayla’s vantage point in the water, she swore Candy purposely added a wiggle to that cute little ass of hers as she walked.Kayla climbed up onto the boat ascending the boarding ladder. Candy was looking at the boys and had her back to Kayla as she dried herself. The

Sid and Melissa

at the same prestigious one her boy friend did. He had been in the Army and now worked for a security, private investigation and bail bonding company while going to school full time. He had stopped to help her when her stupid car broke down. As he worked under the hood, she could not help notice his strongly muscled arms and shoulders. His blond

Dinner for Three Ch. 03

you ask Adam to get?’ ‘He’s in charge of wine and dessert.’ Natalie stuffed the bag into the little pantry closet and grabbed the Costco mega-bucket of cashew nuts. She took a handful and then slid the jug across the counter to Laurie. Natalie said, ‘Probably safer than having him shop for dinner.’ Laurie had decided to be a bit more civil and

Shopping trip dare

legs out slowly, slightly apart then stood up. I could feel a little wet patch at the back of my dress, too late to do anything about it now.Locked the car, took a deep breath then started walking towards the store feeling very nervous now, it’s been a bit windy all day here but has picked up a little now, not strong gales type thing but random

My Swinging Parents Part 6

grabbed a fistful of it roughly, knowing what was coming next. Still, I said:"Now what?!""Fuck my face ok baby?" she said as she began to wildly suck my dick. And she began to sound nearly identical to Amy:"GWAH GWAH GWAH GWHA GWHA GWAH" as my own mom Kelly slurped and deep throated and choked on my cock and I treated her skull like a vagina in

Rose - Part 1

the girl he had spent many nights thinking about while he was alone in his bed, was before him. “Rose!” He shouted without even thinking. “Want a ride?” Rose looked at Michael in shock. She had been completely zoned out thinking about the day’s plans. Stunned, she recognized him immediately although not recalling his name. She knew him only by

After Hours 2- the lock in

with Tom and Colin, they’d pretty much behaved themselves since, not a word or look out of place. I was beginning to think I’d disappointed them. Friday night and it had been busy in the pub, the usual crowd winding down after a hard working week. Paul, the landlord, had done his usual disappearing act hours before, leaving me and Steve to work

Wife Tales - Lush Susan

up for sex by a total stranger was very arousing to me. I couldn’t wait to begin our story.“What do you think, Susan? Will you help me write our story?”I watched his mouth as he spoke. I imagined his full lips caressing my skin. His body was still against mine and I could feel his arousal had grown even more. The thought of him tying me up and

A Proposal Part 1

faintest freckles on the bridge of his nose and he has the tiniest mole under his left eyebrow. I give him a small smile and he returns with a big grin and looks down. Both of us realizing that my hands are still wrapped around his cock, which is now, rock hard creating a tent in his shorts. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He looks up and I let go.

My Awakening - Part 8

My pussy was juicing bad and it did not help that I was rubbing my legs together like match sticks. Connie had opened up her graduation gown just wide enough to show me that she only had on panties. My eyes almost jumped out of my head. She mouthed to me that this was all mines. I came and I came hard. I had to steady myself by grabbing onto the

Incestia [1]

of the bailiff. An older, robust man in a long robe entered and the bailiff announced, “The honorable Judge Ciro T. Nikolai.” Once the judge sat, the bailiff continued, “This court is in session. You may be seated.” The recorder addressed Xia and the Volkas and swore the group to truthful testimonies.Judge Nikolai read aloud the case before him,


stability. We nestled our pussies together with breathless excitement while we were partially buoyed by the rushing currents of warm, bubbling water. After awhile we discovered that if we used our feet we could wrap together and push our sexes together in rhythmic thrusts of our pelvises which left us in such a heightened state of arousal we

The Ladies Circle

my services in the ladies’ houses and had plenty of room in the car for the massage table. She lived right on the edge of the estate in a detached house and I confirmed I would be round the next afternoon. “Don’t bother with the massage gear by the way...” she added. This sounded promising!I soon found the house and knocked on the door. It opened

The need for the ultimate depravity.

a couple in slacks and shirt.They all looked fresh, clean-cut, boisterous, tanned and healthy. A couple I recognised from the party at the same place when Diane was gang-banged. And in the time it had taken to move from the bedroom to the pool, I had already acquired my most prominent erection. My embarrassment was complete.For the next hour or

Angels Delight

as Angel, had been seeing this guy steadily for almost four weeks and she was getting ‘The Feeling’. You know, the feeling like this could be “The Real Thing”. This scared Angel. She was only 22, was she ready to settle down with someone? At the same time the prospect excited her. The thought of sharing her life with this man sent tingles down

The Dragon’s Heart Ch. 01

I know where we need to go next.’ While Kodath listened and watched, Vincent stretched out a hand for the hilt of a sword that had come off the wall behind him. The moment his hand gripped the hilt, there was a flash of brilliant green light from the sword’s pommel. Kodath stepped back, his attention once more on Vincent, but his body in a

Mother helps son with his incest fantasy

sound of my rough finger-tips upon the nylon. I shivered, I couldn't help it. Although I didn't move my head, I could sense that mother was looking intently at my face.I breathed a deep sigh and said softly, "Why am I so fascinated with your stockings? Why do they reach so deeply into my soul? Oh Mother they ... and you ... are so

Dominated by the Camera

She was holding a glass of wine and motioned Kara inside. The smell of incense filled the air as Kara looked around the spacious living room. It was decorated in a casual style, but what caught her eyes the most were the erotic paintings and drawing that adorned the walls. They were BDSM themes, and some very explicit. “ Shy?”Amy remarked coyly


With one quick thrust it was in. I screamed and moaned into the pussy on my face. It hurt so good. The woman licked my clit. It was all too much and I came so hard. His thrusts where slow, deep and hard. Then the thrusts quickened. His breathing came faster. He moans and growls like animal. My pussy twitches. The pussy on my face comes and I lap

Third Party. (part two)

muscles have completed the total change, then and only then should a new cock be added. But my cock is not a new cock It is only now that the treatment has started, in the past I have seen husbands who were not patient enough confuse the female fuck muscles by entering them too soon. In no time at all the wives had lost their appetite for sex

A Jedi’s Training Ch. 05

boarded the shuttle. ‘I notice you’re still naked.’ ‘Oh, yeah,’ Liana laughed. ‘Came straight from the river. Hopefully Master Vera won’t mind if my clothes are a bit wrinkled.’ ‘As long as you’re not exuding sex, you’ll be fine,’ Star joked. ‘Now hold onto your pants, we’re taking off.’ A short flight later, they were landing in the clearing at


on the foot stool at the end of the table and began licking her pussy in long slow strokes .Lisa hips began to respond to his attentions and she was breathing raggedly now looking between her breasts as he licked her pussy then she grunted and grabbed the back of his head grinding her pussy against his teeth as she came with wild thrusts her body

The Job Pt. 2

invade her mouth. Harvey and Laura were in rythym and they were going at it like teenagers. Harvey knew his wife's titties were swinging freely so, he reached around and began to tweak her nipples. This made Laura's pussy get hotter. Harvey then grabbed Laura's hips and started thrusting harder and deeper. He would dip down and then up which

Making Meiko

and I rubbed it through my pants. “Come on boys,” she said. “Loosen up. I’m getting naked and I wanna see some man on man action.” Mark slipped his shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes and I followed suit. Soon we were all naked, sitting around the round metal mesh table. There were a couple of towels on the table and Meiko picked on up

Zuri's birthday part 2

to make out. The kiss was sloppy their tongues were all over the place. They even started sucking on each others tongue. The kiss was interrupted when Emma felt her right leg get lifted into the air. She looked up to see Zuri position her pussy on top of Emma's and start grinding her hips forward. Emma gave an evil grin and said, " oh Zuri you're

Having Sex with Strangers

quickly after.My nipples were already hard from the excitement I was feeling as he glared at my naked breasts. He wasted no time running his hands up my sides and pulling me closer in his effort to taste and tease my nipples. He wanted more and reached under my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and slipped his fingers into my hot and juicy

New lease on life

chat room a number of times, and, like most people do, clicked on her profile to get a better idea of who she was (he desperately hoped she was a she). Her name, let’s call her LonelyOz for the sake of the story or Loz for short had a natural looking avatar and as he soon discovered, and liked, some effort had gone into describing herself and


added an ‘in-law’ apartment to our house and grandma joined our happy family. My next historical event was college. This event proved to be the event that shaped my future. I love the place. In high school I was a pretty good student. Not good enough to win scholarships or things, but good enough to graduate in the top 1/3 of the class. Grandma

Pretty Baby Ch. 06

holidays at home, and we shared a few anecdotes about the season. I didn’t understand why, at the time, but being with Ian, talking about family and friends and hearth and home . . . it was strangely arousing. Or perhaps it was the fact that I was with him again, after being away for so long, and hearing his voice, reading his gorgeous dark eyes

Sex, A Waiting Game Ch. 02

opening. Then I slowly began to enter her. Little by little I felt the tightness of her pussy clamp down on my hard cock. I kept pushing until I my entire dick was engulfed in her warm body. *BEEP**BEEP**BEEP*I leaned over and turned the alarm off on my phone. ‘Dammit,’ I shouted out loud as my alarm ruined my dream. 8:00 seemed to come sooner

To the bed

With his hands in the air she leans forward and bites his nipple.He shouts and complains “ You fucking bitch, I must have hurt you. Does your bum hurt ? “.She leaves his chest and sits up straight. He looks down to see bright red teeth marks on his nipple. Next he looks at his wrists, he can see dig marks and tiny dots of blood under her nails

A Rejuvenated Bond

remove the blindfold until she realized that each of her extremities was securely, yet comfortably bound to the posts of the bed. “What the fuck is going on, Dakota?” She yelled out from the strict confines of the prison that consisted of their bed. A few minutes passed of unbearably loud silence as she strained to hear even the slightest sounds

Queen Yavara: Chapter 26

I said gesturing to the high-elf girls writhing between nymph bodies, “which one of them have you wanted the most?”“Alexa,” Faltia said, pointing to one on her back, “but ranger officers aren’t allowed to-”“You’re not a ranger anymore, you’re a citizen of Alkandra. You’ll have a plot of land and a new wife. Why not take Alexa as your woman?”

Lake District Holiday (part 3)

socks, he was naked from the waist down. I leaned in and looked more closely at the tip of his uncut cock. Slowly I drew back the foreskin to reveal a shiny helmet. A dribble of pre-cum was leaking. I flicked out my tongue to taste it. He shuddered, then gasped as my mouth enveloped his glans. I sucked hard on his cock and he gasped and grabbed

New York 2

its way between the folds of you lips, moistening itself in the wetness it glides across your clit. You shudder, eyes still closed, lost in the sensation. You’re brought back down a little as you feel that same hand cupping your hand as it lies on her pussy. She presses on your hand spreading the juices on the back as she urges you touch

Surrender Ch. 4

the corset loosely fitted across your chest. She steps into the room. ‘You look very nice,’ she says as you blush and feel the heat spreading across your face and down your neck. She stands behind and you stand still and allow her to touch your breasts through the fabric. She adjusts you in the top of the corset, your nipples hardening against

Morning Surf Madness

knowing that I didn’t have to get out of bed made me happier about doing it.Slipping out from under the sheet, I padded across the room and pulled the curtains carefully aside. There was no-one in sight, so I slid open the glass doors onto the veranda and went over to the little balcony rail. I stretched pleasurably, feeling a delicious tingle

A confusing time - 2

my mouth but he grabbed my hands and pushed his dick deeper in. My eyes widened in surprise, as I almost gagged on an enormous cock, but luckily didn't. I swallowed his cum with his cock still in my mouth before he let me go and I got back up. I put my clothes on, and we couldn't look at each other at all. I left his room and the house shortly

Lesbian introductions episode 1

back the boudoir having quenched her thirst. However, she certainly hadn’t quenched her aching sexual needs. Although she hadn’t really done much with guys (Just three hand jobs and a blow job. Respectively) she certainly didn’t hold back from masturbating like fuck. She had the same routine every night, she’d prop herself on pillows, perhaps

The chips are down

first, then Suzie, finally Tara.” I said.“Correct again!” Diane said, “Although I think that was slightly easier as Suzie had already allowed you to taste me! So who will be your prize?”“I’ll take Tara, and I think I’ll finish licking her out!” I said with a smile.Tara smiled and lay down with her legs spread and I lowered myself down between

My Breanna My Darling 3 (The End)

this was right thing We quickly but quietly got our clothes into Breanna's old suit case when

Her Time of Need 2: More Friends

the night, where they both enjoyed a meal of my sperm off the other's face. “Well Cass? Are you satisfied?” Smiling at me, she kissed Cynthia one last time before answering. “Yes, very much so. Can I count on you and Cynthia next time I need to get off?” “Of course you can.” I smiled and kissed Cass. “As long as nobody finds out.” “Deal.”

Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Part 8

evil. His expression is so utterly unique that I know I will never see it in another human; we’re all just too selfish. I look away and release a shaky laugh.“Well why didn’t you say so?” My voice wavers a little, but I keep my composure, “Let’s do this.”I lay down again, squeezing my eyes shut. I take a deep breath and dive into the darkness

Soul to the Highest Bidder Ch. 02

with perfect posture, like she had had a poker permanently planted up her ass. Looking completely livid, she turned to me and scathingly declared, ‘I cannot and will not work with that man. I don’t care how much he pays. I will not do it. You will just have to find someone else. Goodbye’ I watched her attempt to slam the door after her, on her

Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 15

up again."Oh poor you," Carol said. "Go back inside and take that thing off and let's go home."I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand. "It's okay," I said. "Let's go home and you take it off. I think I'd like that better.""Are you sure?"I handed her back the key. "Put it on your anklet. Can you do that?""You do it," she said, lifting her

Just A Brother - Sister Relationship

him almost wanting to bury his head between, and I kind of wish he did. But he never makes a move being my brother and all.Anyway. It all started two weeks ago on a Friday night when mom and dad went out for their anniversary dinner. They left at 8:00 and me and my brother Kyle had plans to go to a party soon after. He was my ride to the party so

She Had a Hot Massage in her Suite

hotly massage her pussy any minute, for the second time. This thought had made her nipples rock hard and her nude pussy very wet. She was lying with her eyes closed and her arms loosely at her sides. She was still buzzing from the orgasm she’d had during the first part of the massage, when she was face-down on the bed. The masseur was a very

For the Weekend pt1 - Fun in the Sun

out moan after moan, her legs shaking with pleasure and she begs him not to stop. He continues, reaching into the water to stroke himself slowly. "Don't stop." she stammers between her heavy breaths. Kenny's body tenses as her legs shake more. A strong orgasm takes hold of her body as she lets out a quiet yelp, pulling her sensitive body away

My biggest fantasy, sharing my sub gf at nude beac

wait any longer as I tell my sub to close her eyes and I get blindfold out from the bag and as I slip the hat off I wrap blindfold around her eyes and making sure it’s on tight. Using my pets leash I pull her over and as she moves leaning over me and I tell her to make sure those legs stay open, then I move her down and taking my rock hard cock

From Africa Ch. 10

I looked at him for a moment, trying to figure how old he was. ‘Are you allowed to drink now? How old are you?’ ‘Old enough,’ he replied drolly. ‘You’re in university now, right?’ ‘I was…’ ‘You’ve dropped out?’ I lowered my voice to a more conspiratorial tone. ‘Well, you might say that.’ ‘What will Mr. Stanley say?’ ‘He doesn’t know about it yet…

Big Black Boss and Danielle the secretary 2

out easier and as when I quickly pinched her clit I felt her pussy gush and spill out over my balls. Damn her little tight virgin ass felt good and she was no longer resisting it, pushing back trying to get it deeper inside her. thats it baby work that tight ass on my dick Oh shit it feels so good, fuck it harder for me Yeah you like this big

Happy Birthday, Baby

your eyes upwards you notice how the flowing garment hangs beautifully, not too clingy, but with just enough shape. The only fitted area is the bodice, which fits snugly over my breasts, which threaten to burst out of the scalloped lace at the top of the bra. Spaghetti straps hold the garment in place, leaving my neck ornamented by a thin silver

My Fetish

can just slid deep into me and unload and then leave. I don’t want foreplay, I don’t need to be pumped on for five minutes, I don’t want to know his name, just spew and go! Now I am not some young trailer park slut. I have a MBA from an Ivy Leauge School, I earn a six figure income and own my own software company. My husband earns six figures

Shower Lovemaking

sign of the rising sun’s light was showing on the horizon as I pulled my key from my pocket and unlocked the door. I had just finished my morning run and was covered with sweat. I let out a soft sigh as I slipped inside the air conditioned house I shared with my lover, Grant. I began to strip off my running shorts and sweat-soaked shirt as I

Jade McQueen

coming from. Quinn twisted and turned and he lunged at the mic and he sighed alot and he looked up and he wondered where was Jesus was. and he wondered why public speaking had been invented. Quinn’s mouth made a sucking sound whenever he paused and he wondered about his audience. He wondered if he was losing them and he wondered if anyone cared

Another Revenge Affair

from those he loved and who loved him. And with Audrina’s attention being on the baby, Zach was like a petulant child and he started throwing tantrums. His answer to his wife’s lack of sex drive was to go out and start sleeping with other women. Audrina and Zach had split up as a result, but a month later things were back on between them and

Vacation with Teens -2- Departure

“Oh, my.” Leah stammered. The redheaded Jessica had such pale skin, she always got sunburned so easily. The blistering sun definitely hadn’t had any compassion for her back this afternoon. “You lay in the sun for too long Jess.” Lily had come to stand next to Leah to get a look. “Gingers shouldn’t lie in the sun” she teasingly said to her

Losing Control To My Mistress and Her Mom

then her heels paced back to me. Then - pressure. A pushing against my hole. I relaxed, and then she gently began to slide into me a bit at a time. She entered some of the way, and then I breathed deeply. She then pushed in the rest of the way, making me gasp and moan. I felt her gloved hands on my waist as she kept herself inside of me. She made

A Shocking Surprise

then quicking stepped out the bedroom. He opened the door and peered round and his huge eyes nearly popped out their sockets at my dick."Vicki, what's happened to you?" he asked, his eyes staring down at my hand round my dick.I shook my head as I started masturbating again as a sexy image of Natalie came to mind. "I'm so horny, Dad," I moaned, my

The Student Masseuse

falling as I began the half mile trek to the house. By the time I was half way home, the misty sprinkling had developed into a light rain which seemed to increase with each step I took. An umbrella would have been helpful. Of course, I didn’t have one. If I ran the rest of the way home, I could have avoided getting drenched. But, since I didn’t

An Evevning With Eve

my cock like a vise. The heat is intoxicating and for a moment I don’t move and just enjoy the sensation. Then with deliberate slowness I pull out only to slam back into you. You moan deeply as my cock finds its mark again and again. “You’re so deep!” you moan. “Fuck me hard! Fuck like the little whore I am!” I begin to increase my speed,

Misadventures with Beverly

she’s driving, she’s reaching over with her free hand, rubbing my cock through my pants.Once the garage door was safely closed behind us, we were out of the car and in through the kitchen. She insisted on giving me a tour, telling me she was saving the bedroom for last.By the time we made it to the den, Beverly turned to me and said, ‘How about

Felicity Ch. 03

sat up with a smile, licking my lips. Helen jumped on me and tried to push my face into the cushion. In the ensuing wrestling her juices and my cum became smeared on both of us. We came to rest with her on my lap. I kissed her tenderly. Lip to lip kisses were common between us but this was one of the few soft lingering kisses. As she hugged me

She Likes to Watch

to watch. If I went off to visit my gay lover, Jim, she would tell me how much she wished she could be there watching. Even though she loved it when, upon my return, I would tell her all the details of my latest tête-à-tête, there was still something lacking. (She’s a very visual woman.) I asked Jim if he would be comfortable with her watching

The Birthday Present

minute or two, of making out, she grinned at me again and pulled off his t-shirt. Sure enough, he was built like a rock. She kissed his chest and sucked one of his nipples as she dropped to her knees in front of him. I could see his hard cock bulging in his jeans and it did not look small. She noticed it, as well. She rubbed it with her hand

Smile More | Chapter Three - The Massage

honors?" she asked him, while giving out a warm smile.Noah couldn't believe what was happening. His step mom, that he has adored since he learned what girls were, is sitting right in front of him, asking him to reveal her breasts.He slowly leaned forward while looking into his step mom's eyes. He reached out for the top of her one piece, and

University Challenge - Part 3 - A Cracking Christmas

used to school days passing slowly but I had never known a day drag like that Friday morning. Even the bus journey seemed twice as long as usual and as for my lessons – well I was reprimanded by my teachers three times for not paying attention. It didn’t help that my thick tights were irritating the razor nicks in my legs, constantly reminding me

Sally the Ghost Kisses Emelda

the room punctuated by a squealing female voice. Emelda took her wide eyes off his groin and glanced across the bed, and the nude male masturbating between us, at me. "Goodness, Sally, this talking 'laptop' computer has gotten him excited. How long can he stroke himself? It looks oh so painful to me."Painful? I frowned. Emelda was a bit old

Group footjob heaven!

left took her right hand which covered my head off my dick. And every girl crawling up gave my cock a sloppy kiss. The three then let go and one after the other, foot after foot, my dick is covered. I look up to see at least 20 girls shoving their feet into the cluster trying to touch my dick. Giggling about the massive squirming I’m doing with

The Man Who Has a Spare

the height of orgasm. I knew that once I had given her an orgasm with my mouth, May would be more likely to look forward to having me take her virginity and spread her wide for the first time. I had her rest in my arms for a moment, and now I was the one surprised at how quickly she decided to kiss me and taste her own juices on my mouth.

Horse Breeder

smiled as it would be the first time she passed this error today. She picked up the horse inseminator and walked to the device. The mount for the inseminator was attached to a hydraulic piston at about 150 cm from the ground. Right in front of it was standing a mare dummy, its front and back legs strapped to sturdy steel poles. This was ment for

Rich Dad, Rich Daughter

soon slipped from each other lying on different sides of the bed. Dad looked at her young, and still pure looking body, he was guilty that he had cheated on his wife with his daughter bet he loved her and looked at her awesome shape, and her cute face as she slept. In the morning Crystal woke before her father. She was happy. She looked him

An afternoon In Porto San Michele

also staring at her goodies. She told me that he had turned around his lounge chair and, from this new position, he could see her in all her glory. He wore a pair of dark Ray-Ban, which were perfect for hiding his stare. We both started laughing and thought that the old gentleman and the young guy were the perfect audience for having some fun.

The Weekend - Part Six

of love juice flowed out of her pussy as she pushed the brush handle into her hole. Her juices ran down to her asshole and then dripped off her ass cheeks onto a large wet spot on the bed. “Help me. Help me. I can’t stop cumming.” “Oh my God! It won’t stop!” I became concerned as her orgasm continued unabated for several more minutes. “Mike,

My Inheritance, To Move Unseen 2

imagine her surprise when she saw nothing but the room but very obviously felt an intruder inside her. As she started to scream I ripped her blouse open and buttons went flying as well as fabric ripping at my mercy. Finding a simple blue bra I immediately took the scissors and cut the bra from the front tossing the scissors across the room. As I

Daddy and Babygirl Plus Two

wandered off to find a couple friends she had invited. They were out dancing so Babygirl walked out on the floor and joined them for the song. She talked to them about coming back over to the house afterwards for a swim and a special present for Daddy’s birthday. They both agreed as usual and plans were made for the remainder of the evening.

Allan, Amy Tonya

straps mingling into each other displaying a sensuous figure. Her tits were amazingly round like a complete circle bulging out offensively. The low cut dress allowed a visible cleavage of tits pressed together in a blue background. She was very slim and her belly muscles were drawn out on the dress. In her sitting posture the dress was raised

Moving House, The Follow-up

Roger’s comments had left me worried so with the tiding up almost completed I asked if I could be the first to shower. ‘Sure, but make sure you leave some water for me, I know what you ladies are like,’ said Roger as I quickly hurried away. Turning on the shower, I made sure the water was on the cool side for I needed my nipples to be erect for

Babysitting the Twins

from a prepubescent boy. I decided that was enough, so I pushed his head down a bit more, and he immediately pulled off. Great, youre in perfect health! He smiled, and Hannah crawled over, eager for her turn. Okay, do the same thing Hannah. Like her brother, she began to suck my dick like no other. As if by instinct she moved her head up and down

One More For The List

his come as he kissed the back of her neck and bruised her hips with his tightening fingers.“Keep going,” she implored, feeling one last orgasm roll through her as she imagined everything all at once. I’m fucking a stranger, she said to herself; her mantra set on repeat. I’m fucking a stranger, and David doesn’t know. I’m fucking a stranger; he’s

Mrs. Claus Has Her Yearly Gangbang

her legs and licked her into moaning orgasms. Santa played with his cock and watched the little elf tongue fuck his used and abused wife. Lucy rubbed her pussy up against Cathy Claus's cunt. Santa was stroking his cock fast. He was very turned on. “Lucy get over here and ride me! I want to fuck you now!” Lucy walked over to Santa’s chair and

Camping with Friends

the floor. Paul, by now had sat up, and he quickly tugged your shorts and panties down to your feet. You closed your eyes and resigned to let us explore your exquisite flesh. While taking it all in, I shucked my clothes and chucked them onto a corner chair. Mandy cupped your soft breasts in her hand, feeling their weight. It was as if she was

Best Friends

strangly eroticized, and it wasn't from thinking about his current girlfriend. It was her, her curiosity, her candor, her golden flesh in the firelight. She stretched out one leg and squeezed his erection gently with her bare toes. "What's this?" she teased. "Thinking about her?" "No, as a matter of fact..." He held her foot to him and felt

Detroit Changes our Lives

“Don’t you dare let a drop of his superior cum hit the dirt.” He pushed me on my back under them. “Lick them, clean his cock and her cunt, get to it!” I did as ordered. Licking and drinking the mix of juices from them as Tyrone’s shaft softened. Looking down at me he laughed and pulled his cock from my wife and promptly shoved it in my mouth

Prize Pig

the county fair, her father Steve entered their family farms best pig, their farm having won the last 4 county pig pageants they felt their sow would prevail. come one come all, the 10th annual county fairs barnyard pig pageant will begin soon came the voice over the loud speaker as Jessica and her father prepared there pig for the contest, there

Queen Yavara: Chapter Two

but her hands defiantly hanging at her side, still resisting Alkandi’s seduction. My god Yavara, I’ve lived in thirty different bodies, but I never had an ass like this before.Alkandi’s eyes lingered on Yavara’s breasts, still pressed against her own, their erect nipples toying with each other. Alkandi released her left hand from Yavara’s ass

Chapter One: First Time Stray

hearing me and I was doing this and intermittently putting my hand on Dan’s thigh which is also not unusual. This time it was different. I was nervous, excited and trying to alternately deny the feeling of lust I was having and at the same time I was dying to make out with this beautiful man. At one point I got up to get the coffee pot and refill

Caroline and Mr. White - Part One

Then I let the pressure of the machine slowly spread them again. I repeated this twenty times, with my pussy lips opening and closing each time. Mr. White stood at my feet, gazing raptly at my pussy. Or really, inside my pussy as I’m sure he could see at least several inches into me. I had never seen myself that intimately and I was dying to know

Lady-Man Love pt 3

could have two cocks, I assumed they were friends – and certainly my cubicle was big enough to accommodate two people for an intimate party. I took hold of the new cock, shorter but thicker, and after slurping my fingers in my mouth beside my tongue, I used the wetness to lightly stroke the second cock while continuing to suck hard on the first,

Getting Stuck In An Elevator

and let his tool spring out. His dick was big at around 8 inches long and 2 inches thick and he grabbed the back of my head with his hand and pulled me down so that my mouth was just opposite his erect member. I knew exactly what to do and immediately set about licking the helmet of his prick, slurping away greedily at the drops of pre-cum that

The cum Boss

and pretty, hehehe, so he tells me, wash your hands good cos you must be very clean here, I did as told, I asked for the towel, he said, come here and dry them on my pants, am short of towels, so I took his leg side to dry them, he said, NO, NO, son, here on my front pants, I said, Oh, OK, sorry, as I am rubbing my hands on his front pants I see

A New Hobby

Popping it free from my mouth I slid it down my chest, circling my nipples before sliding it into my wet pussy. I quickly checked the webcam feed to make sure I was catching all the action. It was positioned perfectly to capture the view of my legs splayed open as I ran the cucumber over my engorged outer lips. Pressing it between my folds, I

My True Story 2

deep and gruff from the desire. I pull him through the bathroom, only to stop at our sink, I turn around and again, place his dick at my pussy. I tell him to fuck me in front of the mirror. I love watching him fuck me. He thrusts into me again. I moan and grab the sink to steady me, still feeling the effects of the alcohol. Adam places one hand

Sex Games

looked down and saw straight into her bikini top, her breasts were just his type. Round and perky, full but not too much or too little. He closed his eyes and let her wait on him.*/*/*/*/*/*/I sat there for a about twenty minutes, dulling his pain with the ice. His eyes closed and I looked at him for the first time. His hair was light, dusty

Kaitlin's New Group of Friends

34a bra, but I had a lot of pride in my fitness since I was in track and cheerleading. It started when I met a man on the Internet. His name is John. He was much older than I was. In fact he’s old enough to be my father. I was a teenager in high school and just had earned my license. I was now able to be a little more mobile than before. I was

Finding the right co-worker

reception and then went to the chairs and couches in the waiting area to wait for my meeting. As I looked up, I saw a tall beautiful brunette woman in a light blue form fitting dress, with a dark blue jacket, reading a fashion magazine. She looked up as I approached and, although a bit heavy with eyeliner, she was magnificent as she smiled

Beth and Tracey Chapter 2 of 3

and she was curled up in her chair like a long, limber cat, her eyes intent upon us.I heard the door click shut and could see the bouncer standing with his back to the door, not allowing anyone passage.Kitten moved and captured my attention once again.She smiled and slipped off the robe. She was naked except for her thong. Her perfume washed over

Heaven’s Rending Ch. 03

an inventory of her features: blond-streaked hair, color originally very dark brunette, height about five foot one- maybe- and not more than one-twenty dripping wet, grey-green eyes, mid-thirties, maybe forty, no wedding ring – a not too delicate Rolex on one wrist and a circle of gold and stone on the other. She wasn’t a pretender, he said to

Romancing Daddy

mother had broken down and said that she'd had an affair with a boy in after the summer when they got engaged and Danielle was his daughter.Daddy had been missing from her life these last few months. He took her younger brothers and moved out. He'd showed up at her graduation, but the closeness that had existed between them when they still

A Wolf goes hunting - Part 3

eyes focused on Wolf, her eyes wide at the speed of his movements. In a flash, Wolf was on her molester, his large hand gripping the scruff of his neck and pulling him off her, his face right next to the side of his head, teeth bared. She slipped away from the man and moved behind Wolf, her hands on his hips, face buried in his back as he

Salma and Kelly Part 2

Peter was at that moment. He took in Kelly’s round ass, the curve of her pussy, the soft skin of her back and the blond hair. He gently caressed her ass cheeks and he got a moan in return.Grabbing his cock, he dragged the cockhead up and down her slit, and it came away glistering off his sister pussy juices.“What are you waiting for, do it

With Sister in Law

this site. This story about my sister in law her name is P who was 24years old at that time. She has a great body just like a model but we come from a conservative background and she never made it as a model.   Before she got married to my eldest brother she was like a sister to me because most of time she was around in our house

My fantasy

ravenous hunger in his eyes and his jaw drops.  I turn around and begin moving my hips to the music that is playing.  I slowly bend over as I carress my legs, I can see him begin to stroke himself through his pants.  My hands are travelling up my legs, my fingers trailing up to my skirt.  He keeps catching glimpses of my panties and my ass as I

Secret Desires Made Real

but when I did I heard a small whimper break free from his lips. "Blaez!" I looked at him in slight shock then I felt him lock his heels into me then thrust his own hips into mine. The movement threw my own head back allowing a deep growl of pleasure to rise from deep within me. He laughed softly with that beautiful voice I loved hearing then

72 Hours of Lust - Part one

Bill nearly choked on his beer, he felt his cheeks turn red, Traci's were red too. "You have a gorgeous body." He answered in complete honesty. He looked into her eyes as he spoke, he was going to feel like a fool in a moment if he was reading her wrong, then she really would think he was a pervert. He could feel his cock began to harden.

A Boy's Life

exciting to be laundering women’s underwear. Which caused me to go back in to the house with a hard on, which was very noticeable. Miss Spencer ignored it while she praised me for listening so carefully to her instructions.Her invitation to come in the kitchen for a snack was more an order than an invitation, she announced it and turned around


Run your tongue down my neck, find my nipples that are already pink and ready. Suck on them and make them harder and pinch them with your fingers. Cup my breasts as you fondle them with your mouth, tongue and hands. Make me moan with desire and want. Let your tongue run down my stomach to my belly button and play with my ring that is there. Run

My trip to corporate

her no time before she started moaning to screaming "fuck me sir, oh shit fuck me hard," I continued my pace slamming her till my balls hit pussy before coming out and slamming her again. As I continues to pump her as hard as I could and continued to slap her ass repeatedly. I quickened my pace as did her pants and moans of begging to be fucked

The Change Up

over my clean body and walk over to the mirror to really see what I look like. I tuck my clitty between my legs and look up. Months of hard working out in the gym finally gave me a flat tummy and the girly look I had been looking for. I turn side ways and take a peek, I even have a great looking ass. If only I can get the nerve to go out dressed,

Lessons in lust from Allison part 2

her lips on mine, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. She broke away, and began to kiss me all the way down my chest to my stomach before finally stopping at my crotch. She laughed naughtily as her eyes met mine. Her tongue emerged and starting at the base went up the full length of my engorged member, and traced a long slow circle

The Sex God

at Pam. “Geez, Pam. You’re such a blabbermouth.” Pam laughed. “I know. It was just too funny,” she said between bites. “But you know? It probably wasn’t a good idea to say that because now you have a lot to live up to.” “Oh, I know,” I fired back. “I mean, you’ve really set yourself up for failure,” Pam continued, her eyes dilated. “I don’t

Kim Returns and Trouble Follows

me. Oh you the teachers pet now are you? I asked Kim with a smile. Kim looked at me and with a big wicked smile she replied, You dont know the half of it. I have to tell you that our math teacher was new this year. He was 25 or 26 years old, good build with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was from California so we all figured he was a surfer dude.

Age Really Doesnt Make a Difference

most amazing thing I have felt in a while. The head of my cock was engorged with blood. Her tight pussy seemed to be too small for my cock but god dammit, it felt really good. Having her thin, curvy frame and warmth under me felt exhilarating. I set my knees and elbows and pushed into her with my love spear. Her facial expression as she stared at

A Tale of Survival chapter 3

"I worked there for four years ma'am, I'm a chef." Jeanie takes one arm and Jan takes the other arm and Irene holds the door open as they pull Jake back inside. After seating him in a booth Irene grabs her order pad, "What can I get you to drink sir?" Jeanie runs back and starts the grill back up and Jan slides into the opposite seat in the

Threads: The Island Chapter 4

his erection as if reassuring it. Kyle could see right between her legs and the outline of her pussy through the black panties. His heart raced in hope that she was about to take them off.Her knees bent again, bouncing her ass off his cock a couple of times as if she was riding him, but her legs straightened again a moment later and one of her

My Car was Broken II

of girls. She was yelling now louder, her pussy was grabbing me tight, as tight as her eyes were in her head and her hands were on the bed. She started to learn to move with me just a bit and I could feel another orgasm coming on. She squealed and moaned yelling, the only audible words were, “YES!” and “GOD!” but I’m sure you get the message.I

From Dusk to Dawn

had collapsed from exhaustion. I’d sent him home to get some sleep. I glanced around the room. Thirty more isolettes, just like Matthew’s, lined the room. Other moms stared into their own plastic boxes. Maybe someone else did understand. Maybe I wasn’t alone. We were like a secret club – mothers with sick babies – membership not recommended. I

A father’s love for his daughter takes on a surreal incestual twist

breasts quivering and her eyes wereopened wide. She reached down and tangled her fingers inmy hair as she pressed my face into her crotch. She mewedlike a cat in heat and her legs tried to close around myhead. She bucked up and down and rolled from side toside. I would have been unable to hold on had it not beenfor her hands holding my head in

Starting Out: 1. Deep Snow

Roy. He reached out and ran his hands over the nipples she was holding out to him. His fingers made circles on her nipples. She wiggled under his fingers. When I did that to her for a few minutes, she’d get very wet between her legs.He stood up and led her toward our bed. We had it in the corner of the main room in the winter rather than in the

Hidden Desires Unleashed Ch.02

the second time that evening.Kasib pushed his right arm between her legs and raised her left leg lifting her off the ground completely, her body supported by his hands on the cheeks of her ass and her legs spread wide allowing the teenager easy access to her cunt. He continued to pound into her as hard and deep as he could, driving her back into

She Was Too Sexy To Refuse

was on the verge of cumming. “Fill my pussy with your huge load.” I pumped furiously, in and out, until I unloaded, filling her pussy with it. When I pulled out, some of my dream ran out of her well -ucked pussy. It took her a little while to come back down. “You know what you have done, don’t you?” she asked, catching her breath. "No, I don’t.


start to say I am sorry but he stops me. Slut Get on your knees and suck my cock do it Now. I do as I am told I get on my knees and unzip his pants and pull his cock out, Fuck his cock is so big I swallow hoping I can get the whole cock in without gagging , I lick my lips then the head of his cock he pulls my head into his cock he says I said

(Underworld) Eternal Kiss

Hearing the motion of the synthetic fabric, the American felt his mouth run dry as he slowly looked down to take in the sheer magnificence of Selene’s feminine beauty. His already straining member seeming to grow twice as agonizingly stiff by him just gazing at the perfection he had never seen in any woman he had met. ‘God Selene…you’re so

Caught out

visits we had been spotted by a friend of Dave’s wife who had reported back with the result we had been followed and caught, well and truly banged to rights Dave had been carted off by his missus and I was guessing was getting similar treatment to me.This is how it had all gone pear shaped some 3 months ago, Alison my wife of 18 years had finally

A Lesbian Romance

in her mouth and touched her love button. Meanwhile, Barbara sipped more champagne and wondered about Michele's question and wondered at her own attraction to the voluptuous blonde. She got up, walked to the bar, and found some pretzels. She poured them out into a bowl, carried them back to the sofa, and nibbled at them. Michele's touching had

Adjusting to a New Life - Chapter 1

you might hurt yourself” a voice he didn’t recognize said.John looked to the sound and saw a man wearing the telltale coat of a doctor. Immediately he had hundreds of questions.“Where am I? Who are you? What happened? Why can’t I move?” He rattled of questions as quick as he could.The doctor smiled grimly.“You are at the Duke Raleigh hospital in

Just Fancy: First Come

Suddenly it was over and as she clutched both hands to her throbbing mound, she could no longer hold back a sob of relief mingled with pain. Her desires sated Yvonne fell asleep exhausted, no longer a pubescent teenager but a young woman. She awoke contented and refreshed when her mother entered her room to place a package on her dressing table,

Alternate Endings: Lauren Ch. 01

over.’ Alissa squealed excitedly and bounced out of the bathroom into the combination closet/laundry room. I stood there waiting for a moment as she looked at me expectantly. ‘Come on, strip!’ ‘Uh uh, I’ve got enough trouble with women without you getting infatuated with me too.’ I pointed through the open doorway to the main room of the

Dominique – Nicole

what I was seeing in front of me but wires weren’t connected. Maybe I should explain. I had left school and was headed for the art club house. The art club is a geek club where a few friends of mine gather in this old house and we talk about movies, books, comics, and the existence or non-existence of ghosts, aliens, and the female g-spot. I was

Personal Experience

Asian cast to her features. Her long hair, dark and lustrous, fell well past her shoulders, and she stood with the easy poise of a dancer. In her simple green vest top and short black skirt, she looked even younger than her eighteen years. He had noticed her already amidst the nameless crowd of first-year students: she was something special, the

The Hotel - Part 2

and the cane in the other Catherine looked flustered. She had not even managed to take the time to wash her face or address the urgency which was building in her bladder. She was one minute late but Miles decided to let it go. Catherine passed the envelope and stood expectantly in front of the desk. Without opening it, Miles ripped the letter

Mary becomes my slave

surprised there were no teaching staff in the staff room. and we were alone as this was against college rules.I promised that I would change my ways but she scolded me and said she had decided to take this issue to the principal and my parents, I begged and promised her that I will do anything for her to save me, “Anything?" she queried and to my

Prime Assets Ch. 03

‘Shall I use my hand?’ Simon nodded, and eased down the waistband of his boxers, letting his rigid shaft twang forth from its sticky white pool of pre-ejaculate with a shudder, tangled strands of gooey fluid stretching upwards like ribbons around a maypole. Emma gasped at the tumescent sight. ‘Simon! You poor thing! Did I do that?’ ‘I just wasn’t

The Thorny Rose Part II

Mom than others. Obviously, this was a “worse” date night. “Come on Mom, time to go.” Jim said with an authoritative voice. He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her off the stool. “But I gotta pay…. fir my.. drinks.” She garbled almost unintelligibly. Where the fuck did the bartender go? Jim wondered as he quickly looked around and saw no one that

Aficionadas – Part One

class on Wednesday afternoon. He wanted to put off disappointment should a note not be there, and to make the discovery of the note, if present, sweetened by anticipation. He folded the note, slipped it into his left jeans pocket. He pushed it deep down for a reason. His penis had been stirring in anticipation of a note even before he’d opened

Off The Beaten Path

map where his finger had once been. I pretended to be looking at the map but I was actually looking at my hand that was draped over the arm of chair and practically touching his thigh. His huge cock was still hanging out of his shorts and growing slowly but steadily. Turning toward him I twisted one of my legs out just enough to give the old guy

They Can’t Hide Forever

actual case described in the story. He and others do a difficult job with their own satisfaction for justice as their main reward. All names and locations are fictitious and have been changed to protect the innocent. Any mistakes in the time line are mine. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. It’s not often you get a

sex in collage

bite. my nails digging into his sides. He kissed down to my boobs and then undid my corset and ripped off my top. Letting my boobs free, his hands gently messaging them. “I want you” I told him. He smiled which was hard to let from the lack of light. “not yet” he whispered. Which only made me want him more. His hand moved under my arse and he

Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Love

her; and it didn’t matter if I was there or not. I trusted Rachel, so I tried to blow it off. But, God forbid another woman looks crossways at me. She had snapped at Kim countless times for being suggestive. Her own sister! Whatever. Kim and I threw on our clothes. I didn’t like that. Kim looked very good naked and I had enjoyed seeing every

a new Mistress 3

my mouth, nearly knocking me over. A loud moan filled the room and I knew I was pleasing my Mistress.She commanded me to lie on my back on the bed. "Tonight we are going to play another game. The gravity game. But, first I must prepare you my little bitch!"Her cock was rock-hard and her warm balls still hung low and long. I loved the look!

Going All the Way

out at any given chance. In result, Eric’s body was nicely toned, and very big and buff. I was never one to go for the little guys- it’s just something about a big man who could overtake me that was so- breathtaking for me, as a woman. Eric had the best sense of humor, a smile that could stop traffic, and above all, the best confident and caring

Best Friends Ch.03

that it seemed, today at least, he had his sights fully set on Tesla.She wasn't quite sure how he always managed it, but it didn't matter which machine she was using, every time she looked up Ardanis would always be somewhere in front of her occupying her line of sight.Whatever workout he was doing when she looked up, it seemed to be designed

the flight home ( 11 )

a guy with a 4 inch cock, if they know how to use it right all cocks are good. Again he touched my hand saying, "I know how to use it, we will have to meet up, when I have a stay over in your home town", I repied I'd love to meet him, then the pictures of me taking Jerry came up, he nearly fainted, but was keen to see more, so I showed them all

Family Affairs (Aunt Sarah) (Ch. 2)

brains out?”“Oh...My…God…I’m cumming!!!”And so she did. She came all over my cock and coated it with her juices and left it slick and shiny. I picked her up and pulled my still hard cock out of her and had her kneel on the chair I had been sitting on. I lined up and slid my cock easily back into her wet pussy, not stopping until my balls slapped

Pumping Heat

my neighbor across the street told me he’d heard they were getting a divorce. It surprised me because they’d always seemed to be a happy couple. Donna found out George was having an affair with his 28-year old secretary. Apparently, he decided he liked young pussy better than Donna’s, so Donna divorced him in 2002. Donna got the house, the second

Shard 613: Closing Time

fingers recovered from the surprise and dove deeper into her wetness. She gasped, drew a sharp intake of breath. They watched the girl as the girl watched them. An endless moment commenced, filled with possibility. The shopgirl’s smile was replaced with something else, an expression not easily read. And then the moment was over. The girl turned

A Betting Proposal

teasing my tortured bud and instead, plunged deep into the wet welcoming orifice that's been dying to be invaded.The synchronous combo of kissing and fingering sent my body into violent spasm. I'm going crazy. His tongue worked in perfect harmony with the two fingers inside me. The carnal sensation, happening on both sets of my lips were simply

Undercover Ch. 05

with the thought of taking him inside of her body. She was not sure he would fit, at least not easily. But she was surely tempted to give it a try. She reached down and cupped him in her hands. He groaned above her. Cupping his heavy stones she bent her head and opened her mouth over his cock, sucking him into her warmth. He trembled as if he

my first time with another girl

myself there was so much of it, then she started fingering me while still licking me, first I guess she was using two fingers she was pushing them as far inside me as she could but she wasnt doing it gently, but like she was trying to reach right up inside me, I grabbed her head & pushed it as hard as I could into my now aching pussy & the more I

Instant Gratification

in her belly. That hard-to-place feeling she always got after a good night's fucking.How long had he been up her? Seemed like hours. She had cum so many times there was was no way she should need it again now -- but she did!Sex was like that, she thought. The more I get, the more I want. No, not want;  fucking well need!The drive home did nothing

Tess and Uncle John part 2

as Tess gazed at his long magnificent cock. Climbing on the bed, the clerk straddled Tess body and painted her lips with his cum oozing prick. In one quick gulp, Tess swallowed his thick bone, balls deep inside her hot wet mouth and bathed his fat member with her swirling tongue.Johns fat prick was throbbing, hard, swollen and oozing pre cum like

Stallion Experience

powerless to stop me, after grinding herself onto as much of my length as she possibly could, she brought herself to orgasm after orgasm, I fucked her for forty minutes, her seventh and eigth orgasms are washing over her, I move slightly, she didn't recognize the move, then she understood what was going on, as she feels a very hot sensation

Rules of Marriage Ch. 04

straight and I’m about to collapse, but I wouldn’t have come home just to get a divorce. I could have done that without coming home at all. I do want to work out with you to see if we can stay married and live with each other.’ This so shocked me that I started to hug and molest Sam right in the walkway. ‘Look Kirsten I said I wanted to work this

The Ice Cream Man Ch. 02

no one needs to know until she begins to show. After the wedding who cares what people think or try to figure out when she might have gotten pregnant.’ ‘Honey, your father is right,’ said Mary. ‘We’ll help you with everything. I’ll get hold of a wedding planner and we’ll be ready within a month.’ ‘Look, I know everyone means well but can’t Jen

Mind-Control Panties Story 14: Slut Takes Charge

into something special.Something perfect.The figure stroked the panties. They were candy-apple red. They were cut like a schoolgirl's dainty undergarment, a light frill lace around the waistband, and two words written in cursive across the rump in pure, white letters.Teacher's Pet.They were perfect for a girl who loved her professor. They would

Sharing My Room With SIs 9: Taking Suggestions

the game we'd set up. As I sat there, I happened to look down on the chair and noticed a white spot near the edge in the middle, part way under my thigh. It hadn't been there before. I realized it must have come from last night, when Izzy was sitting here while Abby and I went at it on the bed. I had noticed she'd had her hand up her dress at one

The story of John: -once a cannibal

head turned. Her mouth was moving as a cow does while chewing the cud and John could see red on her mouth. Unsure as to what she was chewing he lifted his hand to his ear. “Wow...these tablets are awesome, I didn’t feel a thing” said John as his fingers brushed across the missing quarter that had been the top of his ear. Blood was slowly flowing


Sarah, I was better off without the slut, but her presence still contaminated the rooms. Memories of her cheap scent seemed to linger, the smell exuding from the walls like rising damp. I couldn’t look at the dressing table without remembering the bottles of her highly coloured nail varnish and lipstick, all neatly set out within easy reach. Even

Never Enough

of breath like manner, standing on unsteady legs. “Give me your number, and I’ll finish the job later.” I answer as I straighten out my clothes, and run my fingers though my hair to smooth it back down. “No, finish now”, she demands in a pleading voice. I smile, my response was to turn my back to her, unlock the stall door, and walk out of the

Remembering Tracey Part Six

later, he picked up the tempo and quite obviously came inside of her. Staring at the camera, Tracey gave me a look of exasperation and she rolled her eyes. He slipped out of her, leaned over and slapped her ass and said, "Thanks, babe. I'm taking a shower."She lay there for a few seconds. Apparently he must have been in the shower, because she

Daughter's Slut Training 11: Watching Daughter Pop Her Cherry

passion a girl could only share with her daddy. Kimmy might have a crush on Jalal, but she would always have that special place in her heart for Mr. Myers. A bond that no man could get between. Not if father and daughter kept renewing it with hot, incestuous sex.I moved to the bed, still filming, capturing their passion.Then Kimmy broke the kiss

Shayla and Jade

was almost massaging it, with those small, firm buttock mounds, to orgasm.Shayla took her right hand off mine and wafted her long black hair over my shoulder, exposing her smooth neck to me. I couldn’t resist and started to plant little kisses along it. She purred as I kissed and licked her neck, nibbling on her lobes as well.Her hand returned to

23 Year Old Sarah Squirts All Over Her Bosses Face

Ann’s boss said to her.“Any reason why?” Ann asked.“Yes! Our office in the Midwest is really short handed right now and we need somebody who knows what they are doing to get us caught back up. I know you can do it. It should only take four or five days at most.” Ann’s boss replied back.“Alright, I will go tell Sarah she has to come.” Ann replied

Life On The Road - Part 2 - Seattle

the math and he stared at me with hated. In response I grinned a wicked grin and placed my hand on the small of her back while we walked around the corner out of his view. When we finally found a seat in a less-inhabited area she had a call on her phone. She asked me to watch her bag as she no doubt talked to him. Evidently he was not very nice

My Education- Part 2

that it was laundry day today and all evidence would be cleaned away. I got up and snuck into the bathroom and dropped the soiled item into the linen basket and returned to my bed. As it was early and I felt sated, I fell asleep quickly. A little later I awoke, aware of a noise that had disturbed my sleep but could not place the sound. I lay

My Wife closes big deal

He could feel the walls of her vagina gripping and squeezing his cock. She let out a sudden gasp and Mr. Taylor could feel her crashing into her fourth orgasm. He continued the slow in and out motion until her spasms stopped. They rolled over, and Stacey got on top of him and kept driving his 8 inch cock in as far as it would go. It looked like

Box That Dirty Talk!

mouthfuls of me.  “Mmm!  Damn, you smell like coconuts and sweat.  You taste so sweet, so earthy.  Just let me kiss and lick your pussy.  Your beautiful pussy.  Mwah!  So good.  So fucking good!  I can feel you pressing your clit against my tongue.  You want this.  You want this so bad you’re using my tongue.  You’re not even pretending to hold

My First Pet (After Dinner)

there I reach up around her waist. “Better take this off,” I say, hooking my thumbs into the waist band of her skirt and slowly taking moving it down off her hips and letting it fall to the ground. I notice she never put any underwear on earlier. “No underwear my pet? Very naughty,” I say as I lean up and give her left ass cheek a light nibble.

Three Day Leave Day Two

heavy door behind them, they proceeded to climb the stairs to Maria's apartment.The apartment was immaculately clean, compact and dimly lighted. It consisted of a combination kitchen/sitting area, a bedroom and a bath with a large old fashioned, square, white ceramic tile tub. Doug moved to deposit their purchases on the small table in the

The Touch Ch. 31

flower beds and would be crossed by a stepping stone path of inset hexagonal flags, but the turf needed to go down if the project was to be completed on time, and so I decided that it was better to lay the turf a bit large and make cut outs later that try to infill around the difficult shapes. In the end the base designs for the garden had been

Grandpa's Journals: The End and The Beginning

was just about that time when everything seemed to gather together and I could tell that the end was very near. I felt the unbelievable sensation of having Lori’s lips touching my pubic hair and the squatting action of Melinda’s cunt down on my face. I felt and heard the gushing sound coming from my two lovely girl’s cunts that I was manually

My Daughter's Phone (pt 4)

while his regular secretary is off for the summer with her kids. I take a picture of the posting information and requirements. It might as well have said 'Kelly this job is yours' I figure she is sitting at home sick, but I send her the a text telling her about the available position, and to get her resume made up. She responds before I can sit

7 love dove love shove

another, frames it and sets it in the den.As she cooks dinner, Jeff wakes up thinking, "Wow, Mom could have seen us napping naked. Sean always has his clothes on when she gets home. I guess she didn't come up here." He starts getting dressed, then stops, thinking, "I'm always naked when she gets home." So he runs down to greet her.Soon Sean

I follow you

make me cum so hard.”I fall on her thrashing body as my arms and legs give out. 'H' is gripping my ass to keep me inside of her. I feel more wetness run around my dick during her keening praise of my prowess. It’s only now that I realize she had reached orgasm before now. My body burns from exertion while I lay on my side to catch my breath.I was

serving my master part 1

pounding as I felt his knee brush mine. Then he reached over and took my hand placing it under his coat. I gasped when I felt his hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked up and down. I wanted to taste his manhood but before I could he moaned and came shooting his load over my hand. When he left I almost cried I put my hand to my lips

(DBZ) Two of a Kind Ch. 03

She had intended to voice the issue the day Hades had opened and the evil dead had spilled onto earth. By that evening she had been a widow and now she stood, with the man she’d once had an affair with waiting in the next room. Why should she feel guilty, she was, by every definition, a free woman now. She was free to speak to whomever she

A Day to Remember – The Amusement Park

and I smiled back. “Thank you for taking me here,” I said quietly. “No problem,” he smiled back. We sat in silence for a couple minutes and then my neck began to hurt so I sat up. He looked at me confused. I pointed to my neck he nodded, understanding exactly what I had said. I put my head on his shoulder and his arm automatically went around

Office Duties

and sometimes never notice the receptionist standing there with the mail in her hands and her clipboard hoping to get the day’s appointments started.We have a client who has an eighteen year-old son that he thinks is a virgin. He asks for my help with him. He sets a meeting up in a motel for me to have sex with his son and he wants to watch. The

The Heatwave - Chapter Two

chuckled at his persistence. “Everything is happening at once. We should slow down.” “Slow is boring,” he grumbled, but lowered her to the ground in acceptance. “Let’s eat first at least.” “I’ll hold you to that,” he grinned wickedly, then linked arms with her as they made their way to his car. * * * When in the car she fixed her ruffled hair

Dilemma 6

looked around and voluntarily parted her legs slightly, giving me greater access, two fingers sliding into her pussy. I knew this had to be brief or we would get caught, so I found her clit and teased it, I could see she was struggling to keep composed, she mouthed to me " you bastard", her legs trembled a little, her face flushed and a gusher

Jennifer’s Tale, Part II

with the strap. Gradually they all blended together just like a regular Saturday night. But after a while, I thought he was never going to stop, and for the first time I started to think I had pushed him too far. I often had tears in my eyes before the end of a punishment session. At some point, as the pain built up, they would simply start. I

Sandra Ch. 01

his thoughts, Roger wondered what she looked like without the clothes. He rapidly finished his work on the Pontiac, hoping to beat Ben, his fellow mechanic, to be able to work on her car. Too late. Ben was already starting on the Jag while Roger was writing up the receipt for the Pontiac’s owner. ‘Christ on a stick!’ Ben said, when Roger

The Angels Redemption Ch.1

position?’ Jericho coughed violently and pulled against Mikhail’s robes. He felt the life slipping from him. ‘ Then make her yours, and give me grandchildren. You deserve love my friend . ‘ He smiled before his soul spiralled to the heavens. ‘Jericho, what should I do?’ but it was pointless the king was dead and the prospect of returning home

Sorority Pledge 1: A Devil in Disguise – Part 1

attire—a devil in disguise behind a thinly veiled angel—I could barely see a thing with the full moon being my only light source. I should’ve banked on such a predicament and chosen a more sensible costume, but whatever. I assumed this would be a quick and easy test when my fellow pledges and I were whisked away, coat-and-purseless, from the

First time experience on craigslist

pulled up his pants and then got into his car and drove off. I was scared at this point what he might have planned for me but I was so hard and horny I didn't care. He drove futher into the park and parked in a very dark area with lots of trees. He got out of his car and told me to get out and follow him naked. I enjoy being outside naked so

In The Office Ch. 05

having a physical relationship with someone. I didn’t tell your name, but I told in detail the way you pleased me. Then one day, I just told you ‘I’ve met someone, we need to call this quits’.’ ‘I did feel a bit hurt at the time.’ ‘Soon enough, they figured it out. And then you started screwing around.’ ‘To be fair, that wasn’t your fault. In

Quiet Sonata

when she became still again. He was teasing her, asking her body to beg, almost openly. She felt like a mare in heat, wishing to rub her flanks against the fence, toss her head in the air wildly shaking her mane and buck backwards onto his fingers, but she did not. She knew this was his moment, his performance and he wanted her lust heightened to

A photographed memory

could barely get the words to come out of his mouth. I knew exactly what he wanted, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying it out loud. “You want me to get naked?” His eyes widened as I said that, but quickly returned to normal. He parsed his lips, and nodded. “I know this isn’t… I won’t put this in my portfolio if you really don’t want me to.

Fantasy for the Teacher, Chapter 1

shreds. Although, he wasn’t a teacher, it seemed, because I never saw him teaching any classes. So I just figured that he was a parapro.Every day, he would walk down the hallway and always say’hi’, ‘hello’, or something else that would stop me from breathing momentarily. And the way he smelled was pure intoxication. It was like you were sitting

Porn Theater Jerk Fest

an upstanding professional guy in his mid-40’s. House, kids, beautiful wife, member of the rotary club….all of the normal trappings. But I’ve got a side that every now and then goes wild. Mostly when I have meetings with a client located down on South Broadway. His office is right down the street from Miss Kitty’s Porn Palace – a huge place with

A Trip Ch. 1

traffic is kind of heavy so I concentrate on my driving and just rest my hand there, feeling your heat. As we get out a bit and head back into town, the traffic begins to thin out and I can concentrate on where my hands is for a little while at least. I slowly begin to move my hand gently rubbing at first, but as I feel you begin to stir I apply

Sara's Slutwife Chronicles Part 2: Becoming Mike's Slut

her - I mean, when I "snap out of it", the first thing I see is Mike fucking my wife as hard, as deep, and as fast as he possibly can.Sara's hanging halfway off the side of the bed, her head's touching the floor, and she's SCREAMING - top of her lungs, incoherent shrieks of the most intense ecstasy she'd ever felt. She's so overwhelmed she can't

Child of a Child Ch. 01

tsk, tsk. I told you not to do that. Now maybe you will behave this time.’ The one who spoke before says to me. I just nod my head in agreement. ‘Good girl. Now maybe we won’t have to hurt you.’ The same man speaks once again. I wonder if the other one even talks. The radio is turned on and the volume is turned up. With nothing else to do I thy

That Ass

her as his big black cock slipped in and out of her wet pussy. “I can’t wait to fuck that ass, baby,” said Rod. Jeanine didn’t speak but just nodded as she enjoyed Rod’s huge dick stretching her pussy from behind. Her mouth was open, and her eyes are rolling back in her hand as Rod’s cock filled her. Jeanine looked back at Rod. “I’m ready.”

Arizona heat: Jennys Story, Part 1

I screamed as I impotently pounded my fists on the steering wheel of my Chevy Malibu. The steam pouring up from under the hood was growing so thick I could hardly see. I pulled off the road and hit the brakes, sending up a cloud of brown dirt from the packed earth shoulder. I turned off the engine and sat silently as the thick Arizona dust

The Kinky Birthday Surprise - Phase 2

for some fun baby?” while she grabbed the vibrator from the bed and turned it on.Will looked at her and then at the vibrator, wondering what she was going to do with it. He soon found out as she started rubbing it over her pussy and playing with her nipples. Will watched in amazement. She did not mind him sucking and playing with her nipples or

My First Love - Maggie

and hard.”Her pussy was still wet and she told me to push my cock in all the way. When I did that, she started bucking against me as hard as she could, while at the same time reaching back and rubbing her clit as I caressed her breasts and nipples.I told her I was about to cum and started to pull out when suddenly she pushed back telling me, “No

Teenage Pornstar

and fast, with her hand stroking in a rhythm. She tried deep-throating again and almost touched her tongue against my balls. Jennifer looked at me and smiled, she lowered herself below my shaft. She then gently started sucking on my balls, while staring up at me."I can't wait any longer, Fuck me!"She rested on her back and spread her legs open,

Supernatural Nation: The Gathering Part 1

the door behind them. Anthony watched her warily expecting her to blow up and start screaming at him any second and Angela watched him watching her. "Strip," Angela ordered finally. Anthony blinked in surprise at the order and didn't move. He had been so sure that she would lay into him that it took nearly a full minute for his mind to process

My friend’s hot dad fucked me

in front of me in his white shirt and black pants, I found him very hot. “You are very beautiful, Laura,” Mr. Wright said moving closer to me, “But sadly you are my daughter’s friend so…” Mr. Wright was thinking the same thing. He moved very closer to me, and put his hand on my shoulders. He made me look at him. “Can’t we ignore the fact for a

Seeing It Spurt

vessels along the side?" There they were, blue lines running lengthwise on his cock. "You want to try doing it, Gina? Jacking him off?" "Um, I've never done it before, why don't you start." Yes, I know, chicken-shit, but it was true. "Okay, John, get up on my bed. Here's some lotion I use," and she pulled a bottle off her bedside table and

Dirty Secrets

she had with him, Dee was yearning for some male attention. Having a much needed peaceful day at home, getting off by herself 3 times, Deanne was relaxed, yet ready to go out and have some fun. She dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a black bra and a black long-sleeved t-shirt with flames on the sleeves and a semi-truck logo on the chest that

Christmas In The Sun Part 1

what I can come up with," said John who was already thinking about migrating patterns and particular birds that were high on his 'to see list'."No you won't," replied Jayne firmly, leaning forwards showcasing what they both knew were her best assets. "I know full well what'll happen. We will end up on another bird watching holiday. I'll have a

How It All Began Ch.08

the balmy breeze of the early evening. Talking into the night, they held hands as the sun went down. Watching it sink below the horizon, Jack leaned over to give Fay a heartfelt, soulful kiss. As he lingered, Fay felt overwhelmed by his tenderness and squeezed his hand. "I love you." Jack whispered. "I love you too." she replied. She did too, it

she loves her sister part two

her left ass cheek. Ronda moaned out, and smiled, as my husband slid his cock, deep into my sisters pussy. I became so wet, and horny, I started to rub myself, but Ronda stopped me. lay where I can get to it, Im still hungry from pussy. She pushed up, as I settled in under her, her tongue probing my slit, and running feverishly over my clit and

Pawn To Queen Bishop Four

while longer before making her next move. It was deliberate on her part. She wanted the time on her clock to diminish. She wanted him to think that she was taking too long and that she had not noticed her time slip by.Alexandria glanced at the clock, two minutes left; one hour and twenty minutes left on Ruslan’s clock. Shame he won’t need it, she

A Persian wife is not what you should dream for

that but if something happens and he complains to the pizza place, I cannot really explain to them what happened." She said: "If you be a man and trust me, I will let you do whatever you want with me, even anal, but just keep quiet for the next 15 minutes." Before I complain, the owner came back with a number. While giving the number to my wife,

The Cheerleader Harem: Part 7

me to them.Stacey's face turned bright red when I placed an arm around her waist, and she smiled shyly as her hands brushed my chest. Meanwhile, Kacey pulled us along, wanting nothing more than for all of us to get upstairs as quickly as possible.Three other people stepped into the elevator with us, quelling any chances for an elevator make-out

Babs and Julie. Chapter Two

it to the bed. Several more pictures followed, close-ups of cunt, clit and tits. Babs wanted memories of her niece to keep.Quietly she recovered the sleeping beauty and tiptoed to the bathroom. She had one last thing she wanted to do before she showered, and give herself her first climax of the day.~~~Fran opened her eyes and groped for her phone

My Sister Amanda Pt. 2

“Kids, I’m home for the day. Nothing was going on at the office today so I decided to come home and keep an eye on Billy.” Amanda was sitting on the edge of the bed when mom walked in to check on me. “He’s fine mom, he seems to be feeling better now.” She told our mom. I nodded in agreement, “yea mom, I am feeling better.” I told her. Mom looked

The Life and Times of an Expatriate, Chap 8

her only reply.“I mean that, you are my very special girl.”“Si Popi.”And then she took deep breath before saying, “Am I your only girl?”AHA! She was worried or jealous of someone coming into my life. I wasn’t sure what or whom she was referring too, but at least now I had something to work with.“Yes dear, you are my only girl,” I replied.She